About MetteQ Holdings

The MetteQ Group focuses on developing, manufacturing and supplying high-tech products and solutions for the chemical, metallurgical, construction and agricultural industries.
We are a customer-focused group of businesses owned by engineers with a passion for technology. We design and build most of our own equipment and, being owner-managed, can be price competitive in a high-tech environment. Our vision is to develope a large, multi-product facility using in-house, core technical competencies to ensure we remain commercially relevant.

We pride ourselves on an inherent culture of engineering excellence and exceptional technical support with highly qualified and experienced engineers and many years of professional experience.

With an emphasis on the needs of our customers, our people are technically astute, flexible and quick to react. The MetteQ group has a centralised management structure ensuring efficient and cost effective overheads. Through ongoing innovation, we ensure that our products are world-class and offer excellent value.
We pride ourselves on our customer retention rate which is achieved through competitively-priced, quality products and world-class technical support.
As a proudly South African manufacturing facility, we place particular emphasis on our Health and Safety and training programmes. We provide in-house and external training, all of which is accredited as we see the growth potential of our employees and future opportunities as a high priority.

Sun Silicates (Pty) Ltd focuses on supplying high-tech consumable products to the chemical, metallurgical and agricultural industries. Sun Silicates is a manufacturer and distributor of the following product categories:

• Potassium and Sodium Silicate-based products.

• Exfoliated Perlite for use in filtration, horticulture, construction and paint.

• Exfoliated Vermiculite for the construction, agricultural, horticultural and industrial sectors.

Matutu Milling mines, dries, calcines and screens Attapulgite clay into different product grades for use in absorbents, desiccants, bleaching earth, binders for granulation and filtration of oils and jet fuel

CemteQ produces a range of smart, value-added building products using blends of cementitious materials, perlite and admixtures including lightweight, insulating plasters, floor and roof screeds and cavity fills. 

Metflux is a manufacturer of fluxes and coatings for the aluminium and foundry industries.